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How Can Acupuncture Help Me?

Do you have any of the following: sciatica, disc herniations, shoulder impingement, rotator cuff tear, patella tendonitis, runners’ knee, sprained ankles, carpal tunnel, or neck pain? Are you a female athlete looking for assistance to get more out of your workouts at all phases of your cycle?
Injuries do not have to change your active lifestyle. Acupuncture can get you back out there living the life you love!
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“I’m now a big believer in both acupuncture as well as Samantha as a practitioner. I’m honestly amazed at how much the treatments helped (sciatica). ” -S.V.

Your Acupuncturist

Samantha is a licensed acupuncturist, massage therapist, and doctoral candidate. Her approach is holisitic and centered around each patient’s individual needs.

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PBAM is located in beautiful San Rafael inside Lion’s Heart Wellness at 503 D St. Ste. 1B. The location offers parking and a variety of shops and restaurants to enjoy before or after your appointment. PBAM also can bring acupuncture and massage to your corporation. We have over  5 years of experience in corporate wellness. Ask us how we can bring good health to your workplace!

Connect With Us

Thai lam circus arial

In the near two years since I’ve worked with Samantha, my body has never felt more mobile, strong and pain free. Samantha’s has a very in-tuned approach with clients who are extremely active – specifically circus artists. She listens to my every need as well as accurately identifies areas that need extra love and care.

I highly recommend Samantha when you’re looking for an effective, integrative and innovative bodyworker.

Thai L.- professional aerialist



Samantha is by far the most amazing acupuncturist I’ve ever been to! She has solved every injury I’ve had, including completely getting rid of old ones. Being a professional aerialist is tough on the body, but Samantha keeps me going strong and functioning optimally. She is also a high level athlete herself, and her embodied knowledge is such a plus. Her treatment process is extremely unique, and her knowledge spans wide to where she can tailor fit the ideal treatment from different angles. She’s the perfect combination of efficient and methodical, where she will get a lot done in the session but also takes time to check in and take time where necessary. I always look forward to our sessions. She’s also an absolute gem of a human being! I couldn’t recommend her enough!!

Anastasia S.- professional aerialist



jeanette cycling triathlon female athleteSamantha has been my go-to therapist to help recover and prepare for all of my races. She’s the kind of therapist that understands an athlete’s need to push themselves, and most important, she can tell where the line is when that athlete should pull back. What I like most about Samantha’s treatments is that she takes the time to understand long-term goals and can readily identify the hurdles. She supports my ambitions with a deliberate and holistic approach: acupuncture with mindfulness about how nutrition and stress (physical and mental) can play a part in achieving my personal best. I highly recommend!-

-Jeanette H., NCNCA Masters District Criterium Champion 2014, 2015, triathlete, ultramarathoner, and mom